Sharper, More Refined Lexus RC Coupe Due Here This Year

Overseas model shown

A new version of the Lexus RC luxury sports coupe will go on sale in Australia late this year featuring heightened driving pleasure and design refinements inspired by the brand’s flagship LC coupe.

The new Lexus RC possesses a sporty-yet-elegant new exterior that draws from the svelte design language of the LC.

It also adopts a sharper and more refined drive, as debuted by the LC, with improved aerodynamics, tyres, suspension, engine response and steering feel.

The latest RC is more stable than ever under a wide variety of driving conditions, providing a high level of driver confidence and a reassuringly flat ride quality.

As a result, it enhances the RC’s reputation as the ideal grand tourer whether challenging a twisty mountain road or simply taking a long-distance commute on the open highway.  

Since its introduction in 2014, the RC has played a major role in promoting the commitment by Lexus to deliver an emotional driving experience in its vehicles.

Thanks to its graceful sporty appearance and versatile driving character, the RC has become one of the most popular premium luxury coupes in the market place.

Lexus LC design cues

The sporty exterior styling of the new RC incorporates subtle detail changes inspired by Lexus LC design cues, providing it with a new-found sense of elegance. These include distinctive design elements, such as a new front bumper corner that flows down from the headlamps and a grille mesh pattern with shapes that gradually transform from top to bottom. Vertically arranged extra-small triple-LED headlamps and new L-shaped LED clearance lamps add to the car’s classier appearance. 

Air ducts have been added to the corner of the RC’s rear bumpers, resulting in better handling stability and enhanced overall driving response. Its wider stance and lower centre of gravity reflect a high ability to maintain its grip under a variety of road conditions. Rear combination lamps house more pronounced L-shaped lenses that serve as a new signature design feature for Lexus coupes.  Up to 11 exterior colours will be available for the RC.

The new RC F Sport receives the grille mesh pattern that graces all F Sport vehicles, as well as numerous other exclusive exterior and interior items, including aggressively-styled 19-inch alloy wheels inspired by those on the LS and LC.

Inside the cabin, everything from the high-quality materials to the precise layout of controls and gauges have been crafted to contribute to maximum driving pleasure.

Attention to detail is reflected in larger and higher knee pads that sandwich the centre cluster, creating a heightened sense of space, and a new palm rest with stitching added to the surface.

A new analogue clock, identical to the one in the LC, sits at the top of the instrument panel, making it an identifying feature for Lexus coupes. Customers can choose from five types or ornamentation and seven interior colour combinations.

Overseas model shown

Heightened driving pleasure

Taking the driving concept of “sharper and more graceful” that defined the LC, Lexus engineers have succeeded in making the new RC thoroughly fun to drive.  

They have focused their attention on the details, such as enhancing the car’s aerodynamics and fine-tuning the suspension system and powertrain.

Throttle response of the turbocharged 2.0-litre engine has been enhanced to deliver a more direct feeling of acceleration, resulting in a more spirited driving experience.

Armed with a flatter and more stable ride quality and sharper handling characteristics derived from the LC, the new RC is more athletic and responsive than ever.

Improved handling stability is due to enhanced aerodynamics, such as a new fin shape on the side window mould and a duct on the rear bumper that improves air flow. New 19-inch wheels shod with higher-grip tyres result in excellent steering response.

The suspension system – with new shock absorbers and stiffer suspension bushings – was fine-tuned to ensure the new RC delivers an extremely supple ride quality and a razor-sharp handling character.



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