CMV Group Staff Foundation

CMV Group Staff Foundation

Lexus of Adelaide is a subsidiary of the CMV Group, which has established the CMV Group Staff Foundation.

This is a staff initiative that supports various organisations across local communities and wider Australia.

Mission Statement

The CMV Group Staff Charitable Foundation continues the long tradition of the CMV Foundation. It was established in 1953 by giving CMV employees the opportunity to have a rewarding and positive impact on the community by providing financial assistance to eligible charitable organisations.

Policy Objectives
- To contribute towards the development of communities and provide support to worthy causes.
- To build on and develop social responsibility and awareness.
- To help create meaningful and lasting partnerships with eligible charitable organisations within the community.
- To achieve an integration between community interests and concerns of CMV employees and their work.

Benefits to staff for being involved

- Employees can support charitable organisations that they care about.
- Employees can be involved through their State Advisory Committees.
- Donations are tax deductible.

If you're a staff member of the CMV Group, you can help.

For as little as $2 per week (tax deductible), you can contribute to the amazing donations the CMV Staff Foundation gift to worthy community organisations each year.

For more information about being involved, or to view details of our recent donations, please click the link below.


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